BNI 74th Anniversary Sweepstakes Winner Announcement

ST  \  September 04, 2020

To celebrate BNI's 74th Anniversary, BNI New York held a special promotion for our customers to win 7 Airpods Pro and 4 iPad Mini 5th Gen.

On September 1, 2020, BNI New York has drawn winners of the sweepstakes!

The following is the list of the Remittance sweepstakes winner (AirPods Pro):
1. Paul J Nawa
2. Sumarmi Sumarmi
3. Ely Yeteiana Mephlind
4. Kus Aryani
5. Andre Reza Asmara
6. Buhari Amian
7. Sopah Sulaiman

The following are the winners for the Account Opening sweepstakes (iPad Mini 5th Generation):
1. Delvalina Tuanger Wright
2. Johnneldy Yohannis Wantania
3. Kim Lan Suhalim
4. Suharjono

Congratulations to the winners of the Remittance and Account Opening sweepstakes! All the winners will be contacted by the BNI New York team through the phone number 347-414-0017; or the winners may also contact us though the number by sending the mailing address information.

Once again, congratulations to all the winners of the sweepstakes of BNI 74th Anniversary!

Continue to increase your banking transactions through BNI and see you at the next BNI event.

BNI Melayani Negeri Kebanggaan Bangsa.



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