Whistle Blowing System (WBS) Reporting

In order to realize the implementation of good governance, BNI has a commitment to run the company in a professional manner based on corporate behavior that is in line with the Work Culture and the work attitude of the company, specifically the culture value of Integrity. In order to maintain and enhance the reputation and image of BNI, BNI encourages the participation of all parties, both internal BNI and external parties, to utilize the alleged violation reporting channel in BNI through the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) Report Submission Facility. BNI outsources the whistleblower reporting process to a reputable international audit and consultancy firm, which in turn, reports directly to BNI Board of Directors  of all claims of violations received, WBS Reporting is accesed via email at:

E-mail bni-transparan@tipoffs.com.sg

To simplify and speed up the follow-up process, reporting must be accompanied by at least:

  • Reporter identity (allowed to use anonymous)
  • Description of violation committed
  • The reported party and other parties involved (if any) and their units
  • Unit of the scene and time of the incident
  • Supporting documents and other evidence (if any)

BNI will protect the confidentiality of the Reporter's identity in good faith, reports and all other data related to reports submitted through WBS.


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