Join webinar “Membawa UMKM ke pasar North America Bersama BNI”

Administrator  \  September 04, 2020

Who says that local food and beverages and health and beauty cannot penetrate the North American market? To enter Amazon e-commerce?

Come and join the webinar with BNI New York with the theme “Bringing Small and medium-sized enterprises to the North American market with BNI” and “Indonesian Product Marketing in Amazon Canada.” You will learn from the following speakers:

1. Mr. Robby Handoko – Head of ITPC Vancouver
2. Mr. Bambang Setyatmojo – Head of BNI Small Businesses Division
3. Ms. Liza Wajong - Director Western Canada (Archipelago)
4. Mr. David Gunawan - Director Eastern Canada (Archipelago)

The event will be held on August 12, 2020 from 09:00-11:00 WIB (West Indonesian Time)

Zoom Link :
Meeting ID : 566 535 6266
Passcode : 518 238

This webinar is free!