Indonesia Muda Club with panelist Deputy General Manager BNI New York

Administrator  \  September 04, 2020

Indonesian state-owned enterprises are not only working in Indonesia! We have some BUMN that entered the metal industry in London, England. We also have an apothecary in Saudi Arabia, with a contractor in Algeria, and you can even meet Bank Negara Indonesia in New York!

BNI New York Deputy General Manager Fajar Fitrianto is one of the professionals that will share his experience on grabbing new opportunities and overcoming challenges with BNI New York. Entering an era of global business is a challenge for Indonesian state-owned enterprises to compete in international realm. It is a proud moment to see the red and white flag of Indonesia fly in the eyes of the world.

Would you like to know the whole story? Come and see the story behind their excitement of facing opportunities and challenges of global business in Indonesia Muda Club Episode 4.